Accident and wrongful death trial lawyer Mr. Van Trease has the skill, experience, and resources to take large and important cases, win significant jury verdicts, and obtain substantial court settlements. He also associates with some of the best specialty attorneys in America for claims against automobile manufacturers, tire manufacturers, defective pharmaceutical drugs, medical malpractice, catastrophic aviation crashes, class actions, and toxic torts.

Some of the types of cases he has worked on include, but not limited to, the following:

Wrongful Death: Wife murdered husband for millions of dollars in insurance money. Successfully prosecuted the wife and obtained a large seven (7) figure settlement. This case was covered by the National media and aired on the Oxygen Network show “Snapped”
Wrongful Deaths: Inadequate security at an apartment complex – large, confidential settlement favorable to clients
Wrongful Death: Railroad crossing accident; speeding train that did not blow its whistle - confidential settlement favorable to client.
Car Wreck: Paraplegia of client – large, confidential settlement favorable to client.
Car Wreck: UM/UIM Claim – $1,300,000.
Car Wreck: UM/UIM Claim – $700,000.
Fraud, Breach of Contract Against a Homebuilder:large jury verdict favorable to client
Breach of Contract and Tortious Interference with a Contract: Motion Picture Film Library – large, confidential arbitration award to clients
Because no two cases are alike, no guarantee can be made as to the outcome of a particular case.

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